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Latest News

Second Collection.
Day for Life
This is the day in the Church’s life, dedicated to
celebrating the sacredness of life. This collection helps
to fund the Anscombe Bioethics Centre and other
related charities and organisations that champion the
dignity of all lif

A Tribute to Father's on this special Day.

By Irish Poet, Paul Durcan,

Taken from , A snail in my Prime'.

Harper Collins 1993.

10.30 a.m. Mass, 16 June 1985


When the priest made his entrance on the altar on the stroke of


He looked like a film star at an international airport

After having flown in from the other side of the world,

As if the other side of the world was the other side of the street;

Only, instead of an overnight bag slung over his shoulder,

He was carrying the chalice in its triangular green veil-

The way a dapper comedian cloaks a dove in a silk


Having kissed the altar, he strode over to the microphone:

I'd like to say how glad I am to be here with you this morning.


Oddly, you could see quite well that he was genuinely glad­

As if, in fact, he had been actually looking forward to this

Sunday service,


Much the way I had been looking forward to it myself;

As if, in fact, this was the big moment of his day-of his week,

Not merely another ritual to be sanctimoniously performed.

He was a small, stocky, handsome man in his forties

With a big mop of curly grey hair

And black, horn-rimmed, tinted spectacles.

I am sure that more than half the women in the church

Fell in love with him on the spot-

Not to mention the men.

Myself, I felt like a cuddle.

The reading from the prophet Ezekiel (17: 22-24)

Was a piece about cedar trees in Israel

(It's a long way from a tin of steak-and-kidney pie

For Sunday lunch in a Dublin bedsit

To cedar trees in Israel).

The epistle was worse-

St Paul on his high horse and, as nearly always,

Putting his hoof in it - prating about "the law court of Christ"

(Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr J. Christ, Messiah)!

With the Gospel, however, things began to look up-

The parable of the mustard seed as being the kingdom of


Now, then, the homily, at best probably inoffensively boring.


It's Father's Day - this small, solid, serious, sexy priest began­

And I want to tell you about my own father

Because none of you knew him.

If there was one thing he liked, it was a pint of Guinness;

If there was one thing he liked more than a pint of Guinness

It was two pints of Guinness.

But then when he was fifty-five he gave up drink.

I never knew why, but I had my suspicions.

Long after he had died my mother told me why:

He was so proud of me when I entered the seminary

That he gave up drinking as his way of thanking God.

But he himself never said a word about it to me-

He kept his secret to the end. He died from cancer

A few weeks before I was ordained a priest.

I'd like to go to Confession - he said to me:

OK - I'll go and get a priest - I said to him:

No-don't do that-I'd prefer to talk to you.

Dying, he confessed to me the story of his life.

How many of you here at Mass today are fathers?

I want all of you who are fathers to stand up.


Not one male in transept or aisIe or nave stood up-


It was as if all the fathers in the church had been caught out

In the profanity of their sanctity,

In the bodily nakedness of their fatherhood,

In the carnal deed of their fathering;

Then, in ones and twos and threes, fifty or sixty of us clambered

to our feet

And blushed to the roots of our being.

Now - declared the priest -let the rest of us

Praise these men our fathers.

He began to clap hands.

Gradually the congregation began to clap hands,

Until the entire church was ablaze with clapping hands­

Wives vying with daughters, sons with sons,

Clapping clapping clapping clapping clapping,

While I stood there in a trance, tears streaming down my



I want to tell you about my own father

Because none of you knew him!




The Question of Assisted Suicide.

A response from Archbishop John Wilson 

See link for details.

Assisted suicide debate

There will be an important debate on assisted suicide in the House of Commons

on Monday 29 April at 4.30pm.

This debate is taking place as a result of the campaign

by media personality Dame EstherRantzen

who wants a change in the law to legalise assisted suicide.

It is vital that as many MPs as possible speak up in the House

to oppose any move to make assisted suicide legal in England and Wales.

Please go to https:!/ for:

• A briefing on the case against assisted suicide

• Three video stories opposing any change in the law

• An online tool to contact your MP

Taekwondo European Champions.

Two of our young parishioners have achieved the status of European Champions 

and are members of the British Squad.

See link as we honour these two young men -

Timi since 2019

and Gabriel in 2023.

CAFOD Israeli-Palestinian Crisis Appeal.

Donate to CAFOD’s Israeli-Palestinian Crisis Appeal at or call 0303 303 3030 to support those affected

and get funds to local trusted experts in Gaza and southern Israel who have been working alongside communities,

helping those most in need.

Your donation will help support aid workers providing urgent humanitarian aid

including food, water and emergency shelter to those in need.

Thank you for your prayers.”

A donation box is available at the back of the church.

 For fuller details on how Cafod is already working in the region


Summer Break for the following Programmes.

We re-commence in October.

Details available from mid-August.

First Holy Communion.

Celebrated on Saturday 11th May at 10.30 am.

See link for full details of the course.

Sacrament of Confirmation

Celebrated on 20th February 2024.

Next course will begin in October 2024.

Sunday Mass at 11am (Children's Liturgy).

Worksheet suggestion and Reading sent by email

Child and parent work together at home

Child presents work at Sunday Mass

Join us: email

Our First Holy Communion children will lead this liturgy from Sunday 22nd October at 11am Mass.

See link for further details.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults  (RCIA)

(For those who wish to learn more about the Roman Catholic Church and teachings).

Enquiries: speak with Fr John or email:

see link for further details.

Our Course is now completed for this year.

We begin again in October.

Applications available from August.

Good Shepherd Primary School

currently has places in its Nursery class from September 2024,

for children aged 3 years and above. 

To find out more, simply contact the school

on 020 8698 4173, or visit the school website to view the Nursery pages:

Application packs can be collected from the school at any time.

Appeal for School Governors.

Governors have an important role to play in ensuring sure schools are run effectively.

They work as part of a team with the Headteacher and other staff

to provide a happy, safe, and thriving learning environment as well as an excellent education for all the children.

Being a school governor can be challenging but hugely rewarding,

which can serve as an oppounity to give something back to our local community,

while making a real difference in the lives of our young people.

For an informal chat about becoming a school governor

please, contact the school office on 0208 698 4173

or email:

Diocesan Youth Ministry.

Under 18's

Young adults (18 - 35).

Pope Francis has called young people to be,

'Living stones in the Church'.

See link for details of events

Young Adults (18+). Mass on First Sunday at the Cathedral followed by Social.

Weekly Socials on Thursday evenings.

Advance notice of Flame 2025.

Largest gathering of Youth in UK.

Join the register for future updates

Discernment Workshops 28th May, 11th June, 25th June

A series ofonlineworkshops looking at the principles and practice of Ignatian Discernment. Open toyoung adults (20s and 30s).

In these workshop we will consider what Ignatian spirituality teaches us about clarifying our choices, ways of listening to God's Spirit in our lives and discerning the way forward.
To register please

Jesus invites each of us to 'Come and See' - this weekend will give the opportunity to explore the vocation to religious life and to reflect on God's call to you.

If you are wondering if God is calling you to religious life and would like to find out more why not come along? You are welcome to stay for the weekend or just come along on Saturday for the day.There will be opportunity for prayer, reflection and input, chance to ask questions and to meet others who are also wondering where God is calling them.

For more information contact Sr Lynne fcJ atfcjvocationeurope@gmail.comor visit our

Latest News


Archdiocese of Southwark.

See link.

Latest news on Jubilee Year 2025.

See link

Archbishop John Wilson challenges his diocese to respond.

Pope Francis reminds us,

 ‘Each individual Christian and every community,’

he says ‘is called to be

an instrument of God for the liberation and promotion of the poor,

and for enabling them to be fully a part of society.
This demands,’ says Pope Francis ‘that we be docile and attentive to the cry of the poor

and to come to their aid.’

(EG 187)

Some Reflections in Light of the Synod on Synodality.

Summary by Archbishop John Wilson.

See link

Latest  Bulletin   June 2024

See link.

CSAN (Catholic Social Action Network).   

Do Justice Campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage Catholic parishes and schools to discern the needs of their local communities in the light of the Gospel and to act with the skills and resources they have at their disposal to bring about a more just society.

See link for details

Called to be Peacemakers

A new document of the International Affairs department of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

A Catholic approach to arms control and disarmament.

See link for details.

More than 1 in 5 of the UK population is living below the poverty line.

Here is the best way to access local services

click  below for further details

Lewisham Foodbank | Helping Local People in Crisis

Catholic Children's Society.

Crisis Fund  (Emergency Support for families in crisis).

Who is eligible?

One-off financial Support

We have helped

Families whose homes have been destroyed by fire.

Families where redundancy has brought hardship.

Families affected by illness/death of a loved one.

See link for details.

Would you be willing to open up your heart and home

and welcome individuals displaced

by the unnecessary war in  Ukraine?

Help St John of God find homes for Ukrainian families (

See link for latest newsletter January 2024

Newsletter of the Commission for Promoting Racial Justice and Cultural Inclusion

February  2024 ISSUE 8

Joint Initiative between Cafod and St Vincent de Paul Society,

to engage with political candidates

in the upcoming general election.

See link.

Read stories of Christians being martyred for their Faith in various parts of the World.

We are asked for help none more so than by our prayers and solidarity in faith.


Democratic Republic of Congo

See link for details or 


Aid to the Church in Need | About us (

The people of Sudan need our help urgently. We are launching an emergency appeal for donations to get aid to them on the biggest scale we can muster.

When violence broke out last year in Sudan between government and paramilitaries, most aid agencies evacuated. Now, humanitarian workers are struggling to get back into Sudan to help, meaning severe delays in getting aid to the people, and the challenges of getting into areas where fighting is still going on remain. Many borders are shut as the government say they need to keep weapons out.

But the Church and our local partners are still there. Please, stand with them today.

The situation has gone from serious to desperate very quickly. The UN is calling it ‘the world’s worst displacement crisis’. At least 8 million people have had to flee their homes; famine looms.

“At least 25 million Sudanese need immediate, emergency help. Families are already going hungry and famine is looming. This crisis threatens to become the worst in living memory.” Telley Sadia, CAFOD’s country representative for Sudan.

Let us, as Cardinal Nichols and Bishop Swarbrick wrote recently to Cardinal Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla, Archbishop of Juba and president of the Sudanese Bishops’ Conference,

‘extend to you the prayerful support of the Church in England and Wales and… express our solidarity with you in your current circumstances of profound distress. We have heard your cry in your recent statement, in which you reminded the international community of the need for support to bring about an end to the civil conflict and allow for immediate humanitarian access to alleviate hunger across Sudan.’

Organisations supporting

Respect for Life and all of God's Creation.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Child

The Question of Artificial Human Embryos.

Are they really human?

See link.


Life is a UK pregnancy support charity.

See link for details.

This evening we have the pleasure of announcing the launch of our 2024 general election campaign - the Vote For Both campaign - a major initiative that we will run throughout the country in the lead-up to election day (4 July).

The main goal of the campaign is to get as many people as possible to ask their MP candidates to sign theBoth Lives Pledge.

In the next Parliament, the abortion lobby will likely be back in full force, pushing to introduce new extreme abortion legislation. This election is, therefore, all the more vital when it comes to life issues.

Please take action and click the button below to ask your local candidates to sign the Both Lives Pledge. It only takes 30 seconds.

Click here to ask your local MP candidates to sign the Both Lives Pledge

The Both Lives Pledge outlines three policy changes that are designed to increase protection for babies in the womb and stop pregnancy discrimination for women - policies that will save lives by protecting and supporting both mother and child.

Once you have asked your candidates to sign the pledge, please encourage as many friends and family as you can to ask their candidates to sign the pledge. You can do this by sharing the pledge via email, WhatsApp or on social media.

Best wishes,

Catherine Robinson
Right To Life UK

Donate now – click here to support our vital work to protect lifeCopyright © 2024 Right To Life UK, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you signed a petition or supported a campaign that was run by Right To Life UK and opted to receive email updates from us. If your details require updating, please inform us of any changes by replying to this email or, and we will update your details on our system.

Our mailing address is:

Right To Life UK

PO Box 78135


London,SW1P 9WS

United Kingdom

The General Election on 4th July has ended all legislation relating to Life Issues that were laid before Parliament.


EngaGE24 website now live!

Offer a Christian perspective on how we engage with the Electoral Process in preparation for the General Election.

See link.

Pax Christi

Annual Report.

See link.

June Edition

now available from the back of the church.

This is a useful little book (A5) which contains the daily Mass Readings.

Link yourself with the Universal Church in taking a few minutes,

on your way to work or during a break,

to unite with God's Word,

as it is received throughout the world on each day.

Available from the back of the church. Price £1.

  Is your marriage under stress?!!

Couples celebrating significant anniversaries in 2024.

Special Mass for couples with their families on 13th July at St George's Cathedral.

Booking essential. 

See link for details.

Trustee Vacancy with Marriage Care

Marriage Care is a Catholic organisation

providing marriage preparation and relationship counselling services

across England, Wales and Gibraltar.

We are looking for trustees to strengthen our board

and to help us continue to provide vital relationship support services

to the Catholic community and beyond.

For more information please

Saturdays during the year at varied venues.

Press link for full list of engagements.

Escorted Pilgrimage to Knock & Co Mayo,

3rd March 2024. £899.00 pps.

Price includes flight, 10kg hold luggage, 5 nights in 4* Castlecourt Hotel, Westport with Dinner, Bed & Breakfast. Lunch on three days.

All entertainment, excursions and transport are included.

Visit Knock, Galway City, Kylemore Abbey, Croagh Patrick & Ashford Castle. Single supplement on enquiry.

Contact Patricia or Natali on at 01268 762 278 or 07740 175557 or email

See link.

Further information

A Day With Mary 2024 Pilgrimages

to Fatima (7-14 June)

and Italy (4-12 September)

is available at

www.adaywithmary.orgor email

See link for details.


7 Nights Apartment B&B from €273 per person sharing. Airport transfer is available on request. Contact us for details and book the dates that suit you.

Tel. 020 3239 8662 or website

MEDJUGORJE: 00387 36 651 518
ENGLAND: 0044 20 3239 8662

See link

Archbishop John to lead pilgrimage to Lourdes - August.

Join Archbishop John and Bishop Paul

on a pilgrimage to Lourdes from 23 - 30 August.

Details of the pilgrimage, including volunteering and accommodation options can be found on our website.

Experience the unique spirituality of Lourdes, along with people from parishes around the Archdiocese.

Volunteers Required.

Sense Charity.

Downham shop

Location462/464 Bromley Road, Downham, Kent, BR1 4PP

See link for further details.


Castlerigg Manor (Diocese of Lancaster Retreat Centre) are looking for a Programme Leader to join their youth ministry team.

The work involves working on retreats in the heart of the Lake District, and occasionally working on outreach visits around the area.

The post is residential and comes with a salary package in the range of £26-28k, made up of paid salary, accommodation, food etc.

Would suit somebody with youth ministry experience perhaps recently graduated. Interested –

Jack Regan,

Director of Youth Services, Diocese of Lancaster.

Laleham Lea,

a Catholic Independent School in Purley,

is looking for a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) to start as soon as possible.

For more information and application forms please visit our school website call 0208 660 3351.

Christ the King

Sixth Form College

seeking Governors.

See link.

Two Diocesan roles.

Group Secretary to Bishop and Episcopal Vicars.

Priests' Wellbeing Officer.

See link for details.

Catholic Papers and Magazines.

We have no demand in our parish for printed newspapers

but it's important to provide access to digital newspapers

or an opportunity for those who might wish to subscribe to

a physical or digital copy of our popular UK Catholic media. 

Newspapers and Magazines offer us a fuller perspective 

on the issues of the day rather than settle for headlines.

Below you will find the means of accessing the subscriptions.

Forthcoming Funerals 

Conrad Joseph Piers RIP.

Funeral Mass.

Tuesday 25th June at 11.30 am.


Committal at 1 pm.

Hither Green Crematorium

Norah Coffey RIP.

Funeral Mass.

Thursday 27th June at 10am.

Committal at 11.30 am

Grove Park Cemetery.