Catholic Children's Society 

Crisis Fund

How we help

Our Crisis Fund provides immediate financial support for families where a relatively small amount of one-off funding can make a lasting difference. Examples of families we have helped include:

  • A seven year old girl was sleeping huddled in blankets with her younger sister on the floor because the family were destitute. We helped the family buy bunk beds, mattresses and bedding ensuring these two young children now have a comfortable and warm place to sleep.
  • Two teenage girls lost their mother in a traffic accident. The school reported that the siblings were “finding coping with both grief and organising their mother’s funeral with no money unbearable”. As they were both in full time education they didn’t qualify for any statutory assistance. The Crisis Fund enabled these siblings to hold a basic funeral and bury their mother with dignity.
  • A mother and her three young children fled domestic violence and needed help getting a deposit to rent a new flat. Our Crisis Fund provided the family with the immediate one-off support they needed to have a safe place to call home.

“The family have been through such a difficult time and I know that your donation will go a long way to helping them get back on their feet. Thank you”

Tracy Lane, Deputy Head of School, Christ the King Catholic Primary School, Haringey