Children's Liturgy (Sunday).

Children’s Liturgy at Sunday 11am Mass (from  October 2023).

We will try a new programme for the coming year inviting all the children to participate in the same Sunday Liturgy experience as the First Holy Communion class. We will develop this programme as we learn, week by week. The First Holy Communion class will engage as it is part of the preparation for First Holy Communion. The younger/older children can join with confidence knowing they are not alone.

Family Commitment.

Unlike previous years this programme will not be available if you just decide to turn up on a Sunday. You will need to register and work at home, with the child in preparing for the Sunday Mass where I hope the child will feel they have an important part to play in sharing the good news with the community. The innocent hearts and efforts of children will always find a place in the hearts of adults and so, your child, has much to offer our community and a sense of being community.


Collect Email addresses of families who wish to participate.

Send email each Wednesday with the following content.

  1. Gospel Reading.
  2. Draw and colour the Gospel story to bring with you on Sunday.
  3. Some simple questions to answer relating to the topic.

At Home.

Child to listen or read the Gospel Story gathered with parents and family members.

Draw and colour the picture.

Answer the questions.

Remember to bring the sheet.

At Sunday Mass.

Activity to take place during Mass and not in the Hall.

Children to come forward with pictures to share with Fr John.

Fr John will ask for answers to the questions on the sheet.

Invite children to nominate the best colouring page for this week.

Say prayer with children.

Helpers needed.

To engage with children in small groups at Mass.

Quickly identify a child who has something to say.

Stand with children at the altar.

Lead the children in prayer.

Be available at the back if family wish to chat or ask questions.