The Following Rotas are available.

1.  Readers at Sunday 9.15am Mass.

2.  Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.

3.  Sunday counters and recorders.

4.  Readers at Saturday 6pm Mass.

5.  Readers at Sunday 11am Mass.

6.   Church Cleaning on Saturday Morning.

Readers at Sunday 9.15am.

Organiser: Tom Whinder

Eucharistic Ministers' Rota

Organiser: Dayo Adekanbi

Counting and Recording Rota 2023

Organiser: Mary Whinder

Readers at Saturday 6pm Mass

Organiser: Mary Whinder

Readers at the 11am Mass

 Organiser: Shagana Joseph

Readers at 11am Mass  2024

We have formed two rotas.

Saturday Morning.

Team 1: 9am to 10 am.

Team 2.: 11am to 12 noon.

Contact Fr John if you wish to volunteer.

Members will make contact with one another via WhatsApp.